Short-term & Long-term warehousing

When clients need to store their cargo, the traditional options are to rent a complete warehouse, own a facility, or completely outsource the logistics to a 3PL provider. All these options require financial and long-term commitments which is a challenge if you are just starting your business. What if we tell you INDU can offer a warehouse with a minimum storage space commitment of 1,000 square feet and on short term basis rather than yearly basis?
Using the platform of INDU’s Warehouse Development Arm and Logistics expertise, we are able to offer this combined solution where you can benefit from a warehousing platform without major investment.
This solution is offered for our warehouses located in JAFZA (Jebel Ali Free Zone), and Dubai, UAE.
For Short term storage, we provide Palletized and Bulk storage solutions for the following kind of products (Not limited to only the below):
  • Storage of Electronics, appliances (Temperature & non-Temperature)
  • Storage of furniture (Temperature & non-Temperature)
  • Storage of construction materials, hardware (Temperature & non-Temperature)
  • Storage of Equipments, Vehicles, Machineries, Spare Parts (Temperature & non-Temperature)
  • Storage of consumer chemicals such as Perfumes, Batteries, cosmetics, plastics (Temperature & non-Temperature)
  • Open Yard Storage for materials that can be stored in the open air
  • All our facilities have 24 hours security
  • All Facilities are equipped with CCTV Cameras
  • Facilities operational 24/7, including Fridays if required
  • We provide loading, offloading, packaging and other value-added services if required

Facilities included are Chemical, Cold Storage, open yards, bulk and palletized storage spaces.

Please contact us by clicking the link to learn more about the Short term solutions we can offer you.

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