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    One-stop-destination for all your chemical supply chain needs

    Hellmann Indu Chemical, a Dubai based joint venture between Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Indu Kishore Logistics, is a one-stop destination for all your chemical supply chain. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities designed to store liquid and solid chemicals offering a capacity of more than 15.000 pallet positions for both Hazardous and Non – Hazardous goods, a range of operational and local knowledge for freight and customs services, a dedicated QHSE officer and many other services in the Middle East.

    Our Chemical Logistics Process

    Effective receipt and
    transport of chemicals

    Storage with utmost
    care and caution

    Security and inventory

    How Indu’s Chemical Logistics Solutions
    Can Transform Your Business

    By using comprehensive logistics management systems, businesses can ensure that their chemical logistics operations are safe, efficient and compliant with the government regulations. At Indu, we believe in combining our years of expertise with strategic business solutions to ensure smooth operations. So you take care of your business and we will be your complete e-commerce and fulfilment service solution provider.

    Why is effective tracking important?

    • Hassle-free movement of inventory
    • Advanced monitoring and security of the commodities
    • Safe and experienced handling of hazardous materials

    Given the nature of the materials, maintaining a hazardous goods inventory is a task involving professionals and experts. The inventory and records are required to be kept up to date and corresponding safety data sheets should be readily available and accessible.

    Few things to consider in chemical logistics

    • Ascertaining the type and nature of chemicals being moved to stored
    • Having expertise in handling different types of chemicals and products of similar nature
    • Specialised handling during storage and transportation

    At Indu Logistics, our primary goal is to be of service to you, and to be able to support you with our logistics and warehousing services. Our team of customer service professionals are available round the clock to ensure you get assistance at any point in the day. With widespread warehousing spaces and a host of services to offer, we ensure that you get the most for your business and supply chain.

    What are the benefits of choosing Indu?

    • Over 2 million square feet of warehousing space
    • Team of experts with more than 10 years of experience
    • Experience of serving more than 150 clients in the region

    Let’s help you build a strong supply chain

    At Indu, we provide logistics solutions & support that accelerate your business. We believe in delivering trust and quality, consistently.

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