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    Automotive Logistics & Storage solutions for all your business needs

    Automotive manufacturers seek innovative and efficient supply chain management solutions to reduce time and effort. Indu provides just that with our end-to-end services covering the entire supply chain, from parts such as electronic components and accessories, to delivery of the finished vehicles to showrooms. We partner with thousands of affiliated carriers to get your vehicles and spare parts to market efficiently and in the most cost-effective manner. We can handle every detail, from carrier management, rate negotiation, contracts, load planning and scheduling, to claims management, freight bill auditing and payment.

    Indu Logistics has the resources to deliver virtually any shipment anywhere in the country. Whether you’re delivering across the state or across the country, Indu will deliver.

    Value Added Service
    >    Onsite battery services and charging.
    >    Onsite vehicles maintenance and servicing.
    >    Onsite inspection facilities for vehicles.
    >    Dedicated covered storage / open storage within Jebel Ali Free Zone U.A.E.

    Automotive Logistics Warehouse space is now available for rent at Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) & Technopark in Dubai.


    Our Automotive Logistics Warehousing Process

    Receive and Put
    Away the products

    Identify optimal storage
    category and conditions

    Pick and Pack
    the commodities

    How Indu’s Automotive Warehousing Solutions
    Can Transform Your Business

    By employing the best technology in tracking and monitoring the orders, goods and payments, you get an upper hand in your business. At Indu, we believe in combining our years of expertise with strategic business solutions to ensure smooth operations. So you take care of your business and we will be your complete e-commerce and fulfilment service solution provider.

    Why is effective tracking important?

    • Safety and security of inventory
    • Round-the-clock monitoring of the transit
    • Ensuring quality is not compromised at any point during the transportation and storage

    At Indu Logistics, any fundamental warehousing process includes receiving, putaway, storage, picking, packing and shipping of the goods. Over the years, we have formulated just the right process by optimising these six procedures. These essentially allow you to streamline your warehouse operations, reduce cost & errors and achieve a higher perfect order rate proving better success for the business.

    Benefits of an expert warehousing process

    • Cost reduction and better business operations
    • Streamlined workflow with extensive support from our team
    • Promise of trust, transparency and quality throughout the process

    At Indu Logistics, our primary goal is to be of service to you, and to be able to support you with our logistics and warehousing services. Our team of customer service professionals, are available round the clock to ensure you get assistance at any point in the day. With widespread warehousing spaces and a host of services to offer, we ensure that you get the most for your business and supply chain.

    What are the benefits of choosing Indu?

    • Over 2 million square feet of warehousing space
    • Team of experts with more than 10 years of experience
    • Experience of serving more than 150 clients in the region

    Let’s help you build a strong supply chain

    At Indu, we provide logistics solutions & support that accelerate your business. We believe in delivering trust and quality, consistently.

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