General Warehousing

INDU took the first step into the warehousing industry by providing storage solutions for General Commodities. Although over time, the Company has expanded to different industries, General warehousing facilities are still a significant share in INDU’s Portfolio of facilities. The company, however has expanded on this service by providing niche solutions by providing storage solutions that can be compatible to generic products of different industries.

In the general facilities, we provide storage solutions for the following kind of products:

  • Storage of Electronics, appliances (Temperature & non-Temperature)
  • Storage of furniture (Temperature & non-Temperature)
  • Storage of construction materials, hardware (Temperature & non-Temperature)
  • Storage of Equipments, Vehicles, Machineries, Spare Parts (Temperature & non-Temperature)
  • Storage of consumer chemicals such as Perfumes, Batteries, cosmetics, plastics (Temperature & non-Temperature)
  • Open Yard Storage for materials that can be stored in the open air
  • All our facilities have 24 hours security
  • All Facilities are equipped with CCTV Cameras
  • Facilities operational 24/7, including Fridays if required
  • We provide loading, offloading, packaging and other value-added services if required

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