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    What are the smart logistics solutions offered by Indu?

    Indu Logistics offers a host of services, which majorly include - General Warehousing, E-Commerce Last Mile Solutions, Chemical Logistics, Perishable Logistics, Project Logistics, and Fashion & Retail Logistics.

    Will our commodities be safe en route and in the facility?

    Most certainly. At Indu Logistics, all our facilities are under 24/7 surveillance and security. In addition to this, the transportation and logistics facilities are equipped with monitoring/tracking systems which allow you to be aware of the location and safety of your commodities at all times.

    What are the benefits of in e-commerce last mile solutions?

    E-commerce Last Mile Solutions at Indu Logistics can transform your e-commerce business with 3 things - Effective tracking, Warehousing and Support.

    What is the e-commerce last mile process?

    The Last Mile process at Indu comprises 3 major steps. First, the orders and requests are filed into our centralized system. Secondly, the delivery personnel collect items from our warehouse. And finally, the item reaches the final destination with proof of delivery.

    What does perishable commodities care look like at Indu?

    By offering multiple cold storage facilities, each equipped to maintain different temperature ranges, our company is able to cater to clients with different requirements under the same roof. Not only does this offer a strong platform for clients to scale their businesses but also offers flexibility which clients are able to further pass on to their consumers. Our facilities include storage and value-added service areas for products in the freezer, chiller and cool storage.

    How equipped is the Chemical logistics and warehousing facility?

    Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities designed to store liquid and solid chemicals offering a capacity of more than 15.000 pallet positions for both Hazardous and Non – Hazardous goods, a range of operational and local knowledge for freight and customs services, a dedicated QHSE officer and many other services in the Middle East. Hellmann Indu Chemical, a Dubai-based joint venture between Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Indu Kishore Logistics, is a one-stop destination for all your chemical supply chain.

    What are the fashion and retail offerings by Indu Logistics?

    At Indu Logistics, we provide dedicated & shared storage, cross-dock management and e-fulfilment. In addition to this, our storage facilities are equipped with adaptive storage facilities and provisions for the fast-moving segment of fashion and retail.

    Why is Indu Logistics the best warehousing solution in the Middle East?

    Today, Indu Logistics has become a trusted name in the warehousing and logistics industry with storage facilities spread across over 2,000,000 square feet. The team with its expert logisticians and technicians offer the clients a diverse range of services catering to various industries from chemicals to fashion and retail.

    What is the general warehousing process offered by Indu?

    General Warehousing at Indu Logistics offers effective tracking, warehousing and support for all your warehousing and logistics needs.

    How is the process of General warehousing solutions?

    At Indu Logistics, we receive and put away the products, which is followed by identifying optimal storage categories and conditions, and finally picking and packing the commodities.

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